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Automated shipping of open-source project releases. shipper is a power distribution tool for developers with multiple projects who do frequent releases. It automates the tedious process of shipping a software release and (if desired) templating a project web page. It can deliver releases in correct form to SourceForge, Berlios, and Savannah.

COPYINGproject license
shipper-1.3.md5source tarball MD5 checksum
NEWSproject news
TODOto-do file
shipper-1.3.tar.gzgzipped source tarball
READMEroadmap file
foo.htmlHTML page.
shipper.htmlHTML rendering of shipper.1

The project repository is on gitorious.

There is a project IRC channel.

If you appreciate this code (and especially if you make money by using it) please leave me a tip on Gittip.

Recent Changes

  Removing support, as it stopped accepting new updates yesterday.

Last modified 22 Jun 2014.

INAGADADAVIDA scp -p COPYING scp -p shipper-1.3.md5 scp -p NEWS scp -p TODO scp -p shipper-1.3.tar.gz scp -p README scp -p foo.html scp -p shipper.html scp -p index.html scp -p shipper-logo.png git tag -a 1.3 -m 'Tagged for external release 1.3' git push; git push --tags sendmail <<'INAGADADAVIDA' Subject: Announcing release 1.3 of shipper Release 1.3 of shipper is now available at: Here are the most recent changes: Removing support, as it stopped accepting new updates yesterday. -- shipper, acting for Eric S. Raymond INAGADADAVIDA irkerd -i 'irc://' 'shipper-1.3 has just shipped.' irkerd -i 'irc://' '%(project) %(version)s: %(website)s\n%(lastchange)s' # That's all, folks!