1.21: 2024-02-17

Accept Golang-style senantic-version numbers with a v prefix. Do early check for version matching an existing tag. Whwn a NEWS version is available, check what’s passed in.

1.20: 2024-02-08

Ignore // comments in .adoc files.

1.19: 2020-08-03

Sync with gitlab-igor 0.1.0

1.18: 2020-07-31

Second Igor integration test.

1.17: 2020-07-30

Test release for Igor integration.

1.16: 2019-04-26

Update the default template to emit HTML5 with a stylesheet.

1.15: 2019-03-20

Shipper can now do broadcast notifications on Twitter. Added Debian package name as a metadata field. Add size attributes for logo inclusions.

1.14: 2019-03-19

Do the right thing if README etc. are actually *.adoc files.

1.13: 2018-11-27

Add capability to set the background image of the templated web page. Add sanity checking of NEWS release dates

1.12: 2016-01-29

Forward-port to Python 3.

1.11: 2016-01-12

Fix a bug that caused shipper -w of a SourceForge project to screw up.

1.10: 2015-09-02: Stymie a buffering bug in Python that caused short writes piping to a shell. Recognize and ship xz archives.

1.9: 2015-08-23

Switch to Patreon from Gratipay, which no longer supports individuals.

1.8: 2015-05-24

Per-project shipper variables can now be set from git config section. Removal of Berlios support, since I’ve learned that it shut down in 2012. The -w option now updates both web pages and gitweb metadata.

1.7: 2015-04-05

Adapted for Gitorious shutdown; Gitorious-URL and Github-URL replaced by Repository-URL, Developer-Clone, and Anonymous-Clone. Now makes a gitweb-style description and README.html file.

1.6: 2014-01-07

Fix a brown-paper-bag bug in SourceForge directory syncing.

1.5: 2014-10-29

Add the ability to ship notifications to freshcode. Gittip has changed its name to Gratipay. Ohloh has changed its name to OpenHub.

1.4: 2014-06-24

More permissive NEWS parsing. Interpret leading version on a news stanza. Recent changes is now part of the default web-page template.

1.3: 2014-06-19

Removing freecode.com support, as it stopped accepting new updates yesterday.

1.2: 2014-06-05

Fix a bug in the SourceForge delivery code.

1.1: 2014-06-04

Added the Validate field for smoke-testing before deliverables are shipped.

1.0: 2014-06-01

First public production release.

0.23: 2014-05-20

Correct a bug in Freecode name processing.

0.22: 2013-12-28

Minor bug fixes in web page templating.

0.21: 2013-12-02

Manual page overhauled in reponse to user feedback.

0.20: 2013-12-02

Project-Tag-List → Freecode-Tags There is now the beginnings of a regression-test suite.

0.19: 2013-11-30

Use irkerd’s new (release 2.3) immediate mode for IRC notifications.

0.18: 2013-11-22

Major change in interface; this is now a shellscript generator New variable-override syntax on the command line. Your profile can now be ~/.config/shipper a la XDG.

0.17: 2013-11-16

Added support for announcing to project IRC channels via irk. Helpers required by the package are now documented.

0.16: 2013-09-24

Added support for embedding a gittip link.

0.15: 2013-05-23

The Fernando Poo Day double release! First spin of 0.15 had a wrong checksum. SourceForge upload locations for FRS and project web have changed. Add and document the the sourceforge-folder variable. Ship project description with updates. Added IRC chat channel and Ohloh/github/gitorious URLs to optional metadata. Extract HTML page descriptions from <title> elements. Push changes and tags if -t and -u are both enabled. md5 and sha* checksum files added to automatic website uploads. Release-Focus is gone; calling shipper is now a fire-and-forget operation. Add untested support for savannah-nongnu.

0.14: 2011-11-03

Cope with the Freshmeat to Freecode name change.

0.13: 2010-12-01

Set the Berlios download location correctly for SourceForge announcements.

0.12: 2010-11-26

Can now tag releases under hg and bzr, Added the logo variable and logo embedding in the web-page template.

0.11: 2010-11-22

Support for SourceForge as a destination.

0.10: 2010-11-15

Generate correct download directories in a Freshmeat announcement for a Berlios project. Check version in makefile as well as Makefile.

0.9: 2005-04-03

The Channels variable is gone. There are no longer default public channels; you put the ones you want in your Destinations variable. For safety’s sake the force (-f) option is also gone; generated deliverables are now built unconditionally, and you must explicitly make sure no index.html exists in order to get one generated. There is now a "berlios" channel.

0.8: 2005-02-01

Strip trailing edit-mode lines out of RPM spec files.

0.7: 2005-01-27

Now handles packages that generate multiple binary RPMs correctly.

0.6: 2004-08-21

Fixed a minor bug in the generation of lftp commands. Also, generate a To line into email announcement. Mailman doesn’t like implicit addressing.

0.5: 2004-02-06

Added security check so the ~/.shipper and .shipper files can’t be used for privilege elevation. Fixed upload omission bug in case where neither -n nor -f was on and the webpage wasn’t being built. Deliverables created for upload are deleted at end of run.

0.4: 2004-01-11

Correct extraction of freshmeat name. Build generated deliverables only if we know they will be needed. Help is now available at the freshmeat-focus prompt.

0.3: 2004-01-10

First alpha release of unified shipper package. It can ship itself.

0.2: 2003-12-17

rpm2lsm now grabs an RPM from the current directory if no argument, and parses an AUTHORS file if present (GNU convention). Also, this release fixes a bug in USERNAME handling.

0.1: 2002-08-01

Initial release of rpm2lsm, since folded into shipper package.