See my weblog for the latest on what I'm thinking. I've concluded that's a more effective channel than this page.

27 Jan 2005: I've addressed a paragraph on other interpretations of Hitler's rise to power to Why I Am An Anarchist. There is a new release of gpsd to address a security issue. A new relleae of shipper adds the ability to ship packages that generate multiple binary RPMS.

25 Jan 2005: New release 2.1 of morse, a Morse-code trainer for radio hams. Now runs under Mac OS X.

24 Jan 2005: New release 2.0 of morse, a Morse-code trainer for radio hams.

18 Jan 2005: New release 2.0 of Linksys Blue Box Router HOWTO.

14 Jan 2005: New release 2.1 of doclifter.

6 Jan 2005: Apologies, I haven't been keeping this page up to date very well. GPSD is up to release 2.5. There is also doclifter 2.0, featuring a new script for mass-converting manual-page trees. I have also released new versions of several FAQs.

18 Sep 2004: The 2.0 version of gpsd is now available. This is what I've been working on for most of the last month.

4 Aug 2004: I have released the Fedora Core on Thinkpad-X40 HOWTO.

16 July 2004: New version of the Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO.html.

14 July 2004: I have released an almost complete implementation of the MAD language, a dialect of Algol-58 from 1959-1962. Program examples and a complete manual are included.

13 July 2004: I have written a bit of science fiction The Final Virus, that points out a dangerous and unfortunately non-fictional problem.

11 July 2004: I have released a revision of Terminology Wars with a prediction on the decline of the "free software" label.

2 July 2004: I have released Terminology Wars, a Web content analysis of the usage of the terms "open source" and "free software"

22 Jun 2004: I have released Halloween XI: Get The FUD.

21 Jun 2004: New release of ssh-installkeys.

1 June 2004: I have a new essay available, Free Hardware: a Trojan Horse?, on recent projections by Sun and Microsoft.

27 May 2004: I have released a critique of the upcoming book by ADTI charging that Linus Torvalds didn't write Linux.

29 Feb 2004: I have released The Luxury of Ignorance: Part Deux, a followup to my last broadside.

26 Feb 2004: I have released a righteous rant about bad UI design.

12 Feb 2004: I have written an open letter to Scott McNealy regarding his remarks at the Sun February analyst conference.

2 Feb 2004: Major update of the How To Ask Smart Questions document.

30 Jan 2004: I've released a new HOWTO, the Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO.

20 Jan 2004: Update of the How To Become A Hacker FAQ. Also there's a new release of MIXAL, as I have secured Donald Knuth's permission to include the code chrestomathy from The Art of Computer Programming.

11 Jan 2004: I have released an alpha version of shipper, an intelligent shipping agent that handles the tedious parts of pushing software releaes and the announcements thereof out to the world.

2 Jan 2004: I have done an update release of mixal, an implementation of Donal Knuth's MIXAL language.

31 Dec 2003: I have released xmlif, an XML preprocessor that supports processing instructions for emitting only specified sections of a document according to conditions specified on the command line.

30 Dec 2003: I have released ski a silly and fun game that proves you don't need a fancy GUI to have a good time.

29 Dec 2003: The 4.4.7 version of the Jargon File is released. Also, I have released a new program, ssh-installkeys, for installing ssh key pairs on remote sites.

26 Dec 03: I have updated the Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto.

15 Dec 03: I have released freshmeat-submit, a tool for remote-scripting version announcements.

05 Dec 03: I've added a page of notes for translators to the Art of Unix Programming material,

21 Nov 03: A transcript of my 15 October conference call with some big-time Prudential Securities investors is available

14 Oct 03: New code added to the Unix Cookbook.

29 Oct 03: I now carry a local copy of the Parable of the Sheep.

27 Oct 03: The Hacker Emblem Proposal is released.

26 Oct 03: The 4.4.6 version of the Jargon File is released, with a special treat for our friends at SCO.

10 Oct 03: The new UPS HOWTO is released.

7 Oct 03: The 4.4.5 version of the Jargon File is released.

9 Sep 03: I have responded to Darl McBride's Open Letter to the Open Source Community.

7 Sep 03: I have published comparator, a utility for detecting common-code segments in large source trees. On an Athon 1.8GHz box it has an effective comparison rate of over 50K lines per second,

21 Aug 03: An Open Letter to Darl McBride, responding to his paranoid slanders.

11 Aug 03: Now the full truth behind my sinister plans for world domination can be revealed.

11 Aug 03: A new essay, A Fan Of Freedom, on Sam Williams's excellent biography of Richard Stallman.

09 Aug 03: The No Secrets page has been refreshed. Go there to find out how you can help fight the SCO lawsuit.

08 Aug 03: Revisions on The Art of Unix Programming have closed. The book is off to the printers.

07 Aug 03: This site has a new look. It's getting a CSS makeover. Don't be alarmed, I haven't turned into one of the losers described on the HTML Hell page. The site is carefully designed to be usable through non-CSS browsers.