This page collects my resources and writings on the SCO-vs.IBM lawsuit.

You can read the original 10 Mar 2003 OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint and our 26 Aug 2003 response to the revised complaint.

You can read my 09 Sep 2003 response to Darl McBride's Open Letter To The Open Source Community.

You can read my 22 Aug 2003 Open Letter to Darl McBride responding to his paranoid conspiracy allegations and personal slander of me.

You can read my 20 Aug 2003 analysis of the supposed evidence of massive code copying that SCO showed on 19 Aug at SCOforum.

You can read the Halloween X memorandum that reveals how Microsoft has subsidized the attack on Linux to the tune of at least $66 million.

You can read my open letter to AutoZone on the occasion of SCO suing them.

You can visit the No Secrets page, where I am collecting evidence that SCO does not now and has never had any valid trade secrets in the Unix code.

Other resources:

The clearinghouse for information on this lawsuit is Groklaw

Digging for Truth is a good timeline of recent events.