Colossal Cave Adventure, the 1995 430-point version.

This is the last descendent of the original 1976 Colossal Cave Adventure worked on by the original authors - Crowther & Woods. It has sometimes been known as Adventure 2.5. The original PDP-10 name 'advent' is used for the built program to avoid collision with the BSD Games version.


TODOto-do file
NEWSproject news
advent-1.4.tar.gzgzipped source tarball
COPYINGproject license
notes.htmlOpen Adventure Maintainer’s Notes
hints.htmlNon-spoiler hints
advent.htmlHTML rendering of advent.6
history.htmlA brief history of Colossal Cave Adventure

There is a code coverage analysis and a symbol coverage analysis

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Recent Changes

1.4: 2017-08-07::
  Repair packaging error (omitted templates.)
  Minor improvents in odd grammar cases.


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