An IRC client that runs as a daemon accepting notification requests.

You preesnt them JSON objects presented to a listening socket. It is meant to be used by hook scripts in version-control repositories, allowing them to send commit notifications to project IRC channels. A hook script that works with git, hg, and svn is included in the distribution.


READMEroadmap file
irker-2.17.tar.gzgzipped source tarball
irker-2.17.md5source tarball MD5 checksum
NEWSproject news
COPYINGproject license
hacking.htmlHacker’s Guide to irker
install.htmlForge installation instructions
irkerd.htmlHTML rendering of irkerd.8
irkerhook.htmlHTML rendering of irkerhook.1
security.htmlSecurity analysis of irker

The project repository is at

Project statistics are available at OpenHub.

There is a project IRC channel.

If you appreciate this code (and especially if you make money by using it) please support me on Patreon.

Recent Changes

  Add a reconnect delay (Debian bug #749650).
  Add proxy support (requres setting some variables in the source file).
  Use git abbreviated hash to address Debian complaints.