If set, import stream reads and msgin and edit will canonicalize comments by replacing CR-LF with LF, stripping leading and trailing whitespace, and then appending a LF. This behavior inverts of the crlf option is on - LF is replaced with Cr-LF and CR-LF is appended.


If set, expect CR-LF line endings on text input and emit them on output. Comment canonicalization will map LF to CR-LF.


Use compression for on-disk copies of blobs. Accepts an increase in repository read and write time in order to reduce the amount of disk space required while editing; this may be useful for large repositories. No effect if the edit input was a dump stream; in that case, reposurgeon doesn’t make on-disk blob copies at all (it points into sections of the input stream instead).


Echo commands before executing them. Setting this in test scripts may make the output easier to read.


This flag is reserved for developer use. If you set it, it could do anything up to and including making demons fly out of your nose.


Enable interactive responses even when not on a tty.


Enable fancy progress messages even when not on a tty.


Continue script execution on error, do not bail out.


Disable parallelism in code. Use for generating test loads.


Disable some features that cause output to be vary depending on wall time, screen width, and the ID of the invoking user. Use in regression-test loads.


Suppress time-varying parts of reports.