This is the short-form history of the project,
used mainly for generating release announcements
via shipper. For the long form, see the file HISTORY.
0.31: 2019-06-12

Added flex-2.6.3 compatibility fix. Addded documentation for guess.i.

0.30: 2015-04-02

Mostly minor build and test fixes. This release was actually forced by the impending doom of; the project hosting had to change and the metadata with it.

0.29: 2010-11-28

The first merged release from ESR and Alex Smith, with encouragement from Donald Knuth. The compiler now has a regression-test suite. More error checks (E990 and E004) have been added. A new program, guess.i, writhes in the pit. The mystery and history of the "Atari implementation" has been clarified. Various minor bugs have been fixed.