Hacker History And Culture:

How To Become A Hacker

Because I maintain the Jargon File, I am often asked this question by eager network newbies.

How to Learn Hacking

A companion document to "How To Become A Hacker". Focuses more specifically on how to acquire the right kinds of programming and design skills.

A Brief History of Hackerdom

A companion document to "How To Become A Hacker". A historical overview of hacker culture and how it got that way.

Revenge of the Hackers

A followup to "A Brief History of Hackerdom", and part of the book version of The Cathedral and the Bazaar. This chronicles the events following January 1998 when the history of hackerdom became current events.

So You Want To Be A Wizard? (The Loginataka)

A Dialogue between a Guru and a Newbie, including Much that is Good to Know concerning the Path to Wizardhood. Includes numerous references to books valuable to the aspirant. A single HTML file, easy to download.

How To Ask Smart Questions

How to ask questions of hackers in a way that makes it most likely that you'll get a useful answer.

The Unix Koans of Master Foo

Does a dog have the Unix-nature? Three pounds of VAX!

Things Every Hacker Once Knew

Yesterday's technology casts a long shadow on today's; therefore, knowing things that were once common knowledge but are now forgotten can be useful. A compendium of lore about ASCII, serial terminals, RS-232, and related topics.

Linux Documentation Project HOWTOs:

UNIX Hardware Buyer HOWTO
The hacker's guide to putting together powerful UNIX machines from cheap PC-clone hardware.
The XFree86 HOWTO
How to configure, install, and run XFree86 under Linux.
XFree86 Video Timings HOWTO
(Formerly The Hitchhiker's Guide to X386 Video Timings) Everything you always wanted to know about configuring video timings for XFree86.
Linux Reading List HOWTO
Your guide to essential book-length resources on Linux and Unix.
The Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO
An explanation of some Unix and Internet basics.
Software Release Practice HOWTO
A checklist of useful conventions to follow in shipping open-source software; also, tips on how to launch a successful open-source project.
Mail User HOWTO
Basics of electronic mail under Linux for users.
DocBook Demystification HOWTO
A guide for the XML-perplexed.
All about Uninterruptible Power Supplies for people running Linux.
Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO
How to configure FC to read CDs, stream audio and video, and do various other Damned Things.

Other Technical FAQs I Maintain:

DVCS Migration Guide

Tools and techniques for moving from CVS or Subversion to a DVCS, with an emphasis on techniques for cleaning up repository artifacts and cruft.

Tactile Keyboard FAQ

A gentle introduction to tactile and clicky keyboards.

The Compleat Classic Keyboard

Formerly the "Model M TRiubleshooting FAQ" Common problems with Model F, Model M and Unicomp keyboards, with solutions. Restoration tec

Time, Clock, and Calendar Programming In C

The C/Unix API for times and dates is layers upon layers of historical cruft. This document explains how the pieces fit together, or don't.

Non-Technical FAQs I Maintain:

The Libertarianism FAQ

An introduction to the theory, practice, and consequences of libertarianism. A single HTML file, easy to download.

The Rampantly Unofficial Linus Torvalds FAQ

Everything you always wanted to know about Linus, but were afraid to ask.

The Neopaganism FAQ

An introduction to neopaganism and Wicca. Developed independently of the alt.pagan FAQ. A plain text file, easy to download.

FAQs I Contribute To:

I am a credited contributor to Steve Summit's C FAQ. I have also contributed to the sci.skeptic FAQ.

FAQs I No Longer Maintain:

Fedora Core on Thinkpad X40 HOWTO

(Final archival version) How to customize Linux to take full advantage of the Thinkpad X40 hardware, including on-board wireless and the "IBM Access" key. I've moved on to an X60. I recommend ThinkWiki for all your Linux-on-Thinkpad configuration needs.

Linksys Blue Box Router HOWTO

(Final archival version) Hints, tips, and tricks for administering Linksys blue-box routers from Linux. But I have fiber now and no longer use these boxes.

PC-clone UNIX Software Buyer's Guide

(Final archival version) My FAQ on the various UNIXes now available for clone boxes. Mostly concerned with commercial versions; since I run Linux at home now, I don't maintain it any more, and it's ancient enough not to have been HTMLized. If you want to take this over, you're welcome to.

Known Bugs in the USL UNIX Distribution

(Final archival version) My attempt to keep USL honest. Since I run Linux at home now, I don't maintain it any more, and it's not HTMLized. If you want to take this FAQ over, you're welcome to.

The Telebit FAQ

(Final archival version) This FAQ was rendered mostly obsolete when Telebit incorporated much of it into the on-line documentation available from them.

The Java-On-Linux HOWTO

(Final archival version) How to get started using Java under Linux. Includes technical background, downloading information, tips, and solutions for common problems. This FAQ was withdrawn at the request of the Java-on-Linux project, which now maintains its own independently of the LDP.