Master Foo and the Editor Wars

On one otherwise tranquil morning Master Foo's meditations were disturbed by cries of distress.

Finding that they came from one of the novices, he inquired "What is the difficulty here?"

The novice replied, "I am frustrated by my tools. Every day I must use many different editors because neither Emacs nor vi nor any of these other random editors has all the features I require."

Master Foo nodded. "How," he asked, "would a master of the Great Way resolve this difficulty?"

The student thought for a few moments, then replied. "Well, it's obvious. I will write the best editor ever. It will do everything I need. It will do everything everyone needs. And the world will be a better place because..."

The novice's speech halted as Master Foo rapped him sharply across the back of the head with his staff.

"Um. Master?" the student asked, rubbing the back of his head gingerly. "In what way have I erred?"

"Fool!" said Master Foo. "Do you think I want to learn yet another editor?"

Upon hearing this, the novice attained enlightenment.