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Termcap/Terminfo Resources Page.

I maintain the master database of terminal descriptions from BSD UNIX (John Kunze of Berkeley, the previous maintainer, handed it to me in January 1995).

You can download either the termcap or terminfo versions of the terminal-type database from here. You can also download the master file from which I generate both. The current version is 11.0.1.

If you find you have problems downloading through an interactive browser such as Netscape's, use wget or some similar batch tool. Interactive browsers have been known to screw up gzipped files by trying to do incorrect MIME interpretation on them.

Note: The termcap version, as distributed, contains some entries that can core-dump older termcap libraries with a 1024-byte limit. These are indicated in the file by warning comments. If the operating system you are adapting it for has this limit, you must manually remove these entries. If you do this, please note the fact that you have done so in the file header.

I keep a separate file of Unidentified Feeping Objects; these are mystery, obsolescent, and junk entries that were formerly in the terminfo master. You can also retrieve this in terminfo, termcap, or master format. It's probably only of interest to antiquarians.

I'm seeking both new entries and better information on old entries for the terminfo file. Please read both files with this in mind. I have a bunch of unanswered questions about older terminals; if you can settle any of these, please let me know.

You can find lots of information on terminal switch settings and other things not covered in the terminfo file at the Shuford archive.

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There is an ncurses home page. You can also download current sources from the FSF FTP site.

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