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rec.arts.books bibliography codes

Here's the official list of %-codes for bibliography, with examples.

          %A   Author's name (use a separate %A line for each)
          %B   Anthology/collection title for individual stories/articles
          %C   City (place of publication)
          %D   Date of publication
          %E   Editor (of book or series)
          %G   Government order number (use this for ISBN)
          %H   Header commentary, printed before reference
          %I   Issuer (publisher's name and imprint)
          %J   Journal containing article
          %K   Keywords  
          %O   Comments/etc. (use for format/price, ordering info)
          %P   Page number(s) (use for page count)
          %S   Series title
          %T   Title of article or book
          %V   Volume number

Two examples, first a novel in a series, then a critical article in an anthology:

    %A Smith, Nancy Q.
    %T The Wizard and the Blonde
    %I NAL Roc Fantasy
    %C New York
    %D June 1991
    %G ISBN 0-123-45678-9
    %P 403 pp.
    %S The Wizard's Journey
    %V Book 3
    %O paperback, US$4.95

    %A Milligan, Sterling J.
    %T Delany's "Dhalgren": Masterpiece or Solecism?
    %B The Big Book of SF Criticism
    %E Oliver, Chad
    %E Greenberg, Martin
    %I Big Books
    %C Radnor, PA
    %D 1982
    %G No ISBN
    %P 552 pp.
    %O trade paperback, US$12.95
    %O order from Big Books, P.O. Box 123, Radnor PA 19304 USA

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