You can help stop the SCO attack on IBM and the Linux community. I'm looking for ways that Unix trade secrets may have been legally nullified.

OSI has explained why this suit is groundless. Now I want to know if you have ever had read access to proprietary Unix source code (not just binaries and documentation) under circumstances where either no non-disclosure agreement was required or whatever non-disclosure agreement you had was not enforced.

All proprietary Unix and Unix-like operating systems are relevant. I am especially interested in AT&T, USL/Novell/UnixWare and XENIX/SCO versions, but all proprietary versions are interesting. This includes but is not limited to AIX, SunOS/Solaris, and HP-UX. It includes not just living Unix dialects but dead ones as well.

Do not tell me about access to Linux sources or those for the open-source BSD variants. Access to "ancient Unix" (Version 7, Version 6, and older; yes, I know all about the Lions book, so don't tell me about it) is also not interesting; we can prove those were generally available.

I can't talk about how this information will be applied, nor by who. You'll have to trust me, or at any rate my record as an ambassador of the community, that it will be effective and that I will respect your confidentiality and not disclose any facts about individuals without their express permission.

You can read about Trade Secret Law and Risk and How To Report Access.

SCO wants to use the courts to attack us and claim control of the Linux code; let's make them rue the day they thought this was a good idea, by proving that they have no trade secrets.

There is also a Eminem-style rap song about this case and a rather good parody of the poisoning scene in The Princess Bride.