Kevin Stock posted the following to comp.sources.misc (Feb 1991):

I guess I must be cracking up. I've been trying to learn how to use the usersubs stuff in Perl, and also how to program in INTERCAL. Anyway, I ended up combining the two!

The following shar file is an instant mix package (just add Perl) for Iperl, which is Perl plus the INTERCAL operators. There's even a manual page - what more could you want?

Here is the contents of the README (from the archive):

I think this belongs somewhere alongside such films as "Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein's Monster". But, here it is anyway ...


In this archive, you will find the usersubs stuff to add INTERCAL functions to Perl. Unshar it somewhere (/dev/null would probably do), and run make. (You may need to alter SRC in the Makefile).

The resulting binary, iperl, will work just like perl with the addition of the following INTERCAL functions:

The test file, op.ical, will run tests to ensure that the functions work. This may be done using "make test".

The program iperlsh just reads in perl expressions (one per line) and evaluates them.

Download iperl.tar.gz.

Or, here is the original shar from the usenet archives.

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