pilotconv — convert source to IEEE Std 1154-1991 PILOT




This program does some conformance checking for IEEE PILOT, and attempts to convert source from certain other dialects to be compatible with the IEEE reference implementation.

At the moment, the only outright conversion it does is from the postfix-$ form of string identifier used in Capitol Pilot to prefix-form.

It also checks for certain nonstandard keywords and complains if they’re found. These include: CA: (cursor address), FOOT: (go to foot of screen), V: (video), S: (sound), X: (execute indirect), D: (dimension) and W: (wait).

The program to be converted and checked is read from standard input, and the converted form written to stdout. Warnings and error messages are written to standard error and should be self-explanatory.


For a better (but slower) conformance test, compile the program using pilot’s -c option. For a much stricter test, disallowing extensions present in the this reference implentation but not described in the standard, add the -p (pedantic) option.


Eric S. Raymond <>, November 1991.


IEEE Standard 1154-1991: IEEE Standard for Programmed Inquiry, Learning Or Teaching (PILOT) ISBN 1-55937-151-X, dated August 22 1991.

Correction Sheet, pages 13-15, dated September 23 1991.

Implementor’s Comments on the IEEE PILOT Standard by Eric S. Raymond (included with the source distribution).