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I get a lot of letters from people asking if they can link to pages on my site, mirror them, do translations, etc. Here is my policy:

In general, I want lots of people to see my content, and if you want to help with that I'm happy to let you. However, I don't like having old, stale versions of my content floating around on other peoples' sites. These rules are mainly designed to try to ensure that when some third party sees my name on a document, the content reflects all my updates to it.

Therefore, I refuse requests from people who want to take one of my documents, modify it for a particular audience, and redistribute. Don't even bother asking, because I'll say no. Instead, write your document as a discussion of or comment on mine, and include a link to its home location or a locally mirrored version,

Translations are kind of a special case. Here are the rules: