Master Foo and the MCSE

Once, a famous Windows system administrator came to Master Foo and asked him for instruction: I have heard that you are a powerful Unix wizard. Let us trade secrets, that we may both gain thereby.

Master Foo said: It is good that you seek wisdom. But in the Way of Unix, there are no secrets.

The administrator looked puzzled at this. But it is said that you are a great Unix guru who knows all the innermost mysteries. As do I in Windows; I am an MCSE, and I have many other certifications of knowledge not common in the world. I know even the most obscure registry entries by heart. I can tell you everything about the Windows API, yes, even secrets those of Redmond have half-forgotten. What is the arcane lore that gives you your power?

Master Foo said: I have none. Nothing is hidden, nothing is revealed.

Growing angry, the administrator said Very well, if you hold no secrets, then tell me: what do I have to know to become as powerful in the Unix way as you?

Master Foo said: A man who mistakes secrets for knowledge is like a man who, seeking light, hugs a candle so closely that he smothers it and burns his hand.

Upon hearing this, the administrator was enlightened.