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Welcome to the Trove project

The Trove project is an attempt to create an open-source distributed archiving system for use at large software archive sites. The project is currently in a pre-alpha design phase.

There is now a consolidated design document which describes the project objectives, history, plans, and implementation tactics. You can download the SGML master, or browse HTML.

The project has a developers' list, Trove-Dev. Contributors will be welcomed, anyone with real-world experience in developing Web-accessible databases especially so.

You can look at the draft schema for Trove databases.

You can download a gzipped tar of the embryo Trove code. It's written in Python.

There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Trove. Please read this before posting to the Trove list.

There is a page describing tasks needing to be done and whoi has volunteered for them.

You can view the form generated by this code. Currently it does nothing.

Recent News

(ESR) The trovesend submission tool can now use PGP 2.6.2 as well as 5.0

(ESR) The file now contains a working service module for manipulating a Trove archive directory structure. The module can be verifed with an interactive test harness.

(ESR) Resource-Location and Icon-Location fields are no longer (replica|original|attached). Instead they are now archive-local filenames for the resource to be copied to. If present, they imply 'replica' or `attached' status; which is which can be told by whether there is a matching attachment or not. This change enables maintainers to create topic subdirectories under the package directory.

(ESR) The Python code has been updated for Python 1.52. Soon, I hope, other people will be able to send in accomplishments to add to this list. There's a bit more design and documentation work that I'll need to do first to lay groundwork, though.

Specifically, I need to produce a working shovel implementation that does proper updates on a local archive tree. Once we have that, other people can start plugging in database layers and developing the query side.

Trove and Python

The implementation language of the Trove project is Python, an extremely cool and totally free rapid-prototyping and scripting language. Python's designer, Guido Van Rossum, is on the Trove development list.

Where possible, code needed to support Trove's goals is being implemented as enhancements for the Python standard environment and fed back to Guido for use in the next release. Here's what we've contributed so far.

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