Since the open source thing got off the ground, I've been getting a lot of interview and photograph requests from various journalists. Unless specifically noted otherwise, you may freely re-use these images.

Here you go, guys. Print them or frighten your kids with them or whatever.

Giving the paper at Linux Kongress Me looking professorial at LinuxPro 1997.

Thanks to Andrej Brandt for the photo.

Cropped face-only part of the photo from the October 1996 People interview. It's a link to the whole photo of me playing manic air-guitar with my keyboard.

The People people gave this one back to me.

The photo made for the April 1998 Salon Magazine interview.

Salon might get antsy if you use this one. I dunno what their rules are. You'd better assume you need permission from them to reuse.

Me at Tim O'Reilly's `Freeware Summit', April 1998

This photo is credited to `Stuart Brinin photography/O'Reilly Associates'. The ORA publicity people will give you a copy if you ask.

An old B&W photo of me in my collector's-item Unix T-shirt

Eminently suitable for use next to a byline.

One magazine shot a cover of me as James Bond. This was an outtake.

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