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Alodar's Tower

Welcome to the Tower of Alodar the Archmage, Master of the Five Magics. The aspiring Magic: The Gathering duelist may find here much lore of interest to those who walk the arcane paths.

Alodar's Grimoire of the Planes lies open before you. You may peruse a general guide to the art of deck construction, or contemplate sample decks with explanations.

The following dueling decks have been constructed in accordance with Alodar's Axioms. They consist of 60-card base decks constructed mostly with commons and a few uncommons, with optional extras from the rarities and artifacts.

Here are some designs not obeying Alodar's Axioms; single-color decks. These are very powerful, fast decks that (because they're single-color) can be stopped dead by a single card (Conversion, for example, will pretty completely neutralize an all-red deck, or Tsunami an all-blue one).

Other peoples' designs:

A shimmering magical portal leads to the Wizards of the Coast home page.

[The use of the name Alodar at this website is by explicit permission of Lyndon Hardy, author of Master of the Five Magics, and is revokable at any time.]

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