My home machine is the custom-built Great Beast of Malvern. Here is the final parts list from the builder:

My pointing device is a Logitech TrackMarble. Optical trackballs rule — they have all the advantages of conventional trackballs without being subject to mechanical fouling. I'll never buy a mouse again.

I love clicky mechanical keyboards and use a Unicomp Model M.

I run Ubuntu.

Most of my tube time is spent in GNU Emacs and Firefox. The nicest thing about having two monster monitors is that my Emacs window is 80x94 and still doesn't overlap with my shell window.

I use i3 now (with occasional trips to Xfce for special purposes) but you can look at the carefully tuned fvwm2 configuration I used to use to exploit all that screen space.

[mutt logo] [fetchmail logo] I collect my mail using the fetchmail utility I wrote, of course. Your guarantee of quality...I use it every day, so it has to work. I read it using mutt.

My net connection is 15MB/2MB optical fiber through Verizon. My web pages live on ibiblio.

I travel with an IBM ThinkPad X220, named golux after the Golux in James Thurber's fantasy "The Wonderful O". This nifty little laptop fits on an airline tray table, but has a nearly full-size keyboard and a 1024x768 display.